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Versailles has made plans to tour in Late Winter through the south following the release of Targets CD Produced by Kim Fowley & written by Kim Fowley & Dianna St. Hilaire.  Artwork on this CD is by Severa Miles and photography is by Marco Patino and Make up & Hair by Erika Diehl.  Songs include Targets, Queen of The Sinister Freaks, Silver Needles Golden Tears, & Toxic Cougar.  Here is the review from Kim Fowley.

"The "Targets" album by Versailles, covers such topics as Older Women Chasing Younger Men, Spiritual Searches, Outer & Inner Body Remakes, Female Excitement, Human Happiness, The Love Of Dancing, Teen Queen Heartbreak, Drama Queen Mystery, Ugly Guy Revelations, Medical Madness, Video Game Adventures and Dating Heartbreak.

Elements of Pop Music/Bubble Gum/Euro Rock & Pop/Piano School/ Far East Moods/ Tragic Dance Floor/Culture Break Down/Bad Girl Confessions/Ugly Guy Pain/Hospital Breakdowns/Cyber Space Cops and Robbers Chasing & First Love Farewells. ..is what the Mood/Music sounds like."