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Versailles. “I’m lying down like I’m sleeping but my eyes are slightly open, as if to say I’m hardly there, just barely able to look back on all I’m singing about and keep going. I love performing these songs live, but I think their greater impact will be in a more intimate place, where a listener who is hurting can be alone with the emotions I am expressing. My hope is that people out there will hear these, connect with them and understand where I have been. If I can in any way help them to ease their pain and feel better about their own lives, I think I’ve achieved my goal of helping people heal through the power of music.”

Versailles’ latest musical offering "Sacrifice" is now available through BFM Digital via iTunes, Versailles’ website, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Facebook. "Sacrifice" was produced and written by Dianna St. Hilaire (pictured above)—Versailles’ front woman and multitalented musician.  She brings what some have described as an “intoxicating, dark synth, sexual-based gloomy yet erotic adventure into an orchestra led by Versailles’ brilliant ringleader, Ms. St. Hilaire, which leaves the listener eager for more.”  Versailles is one of the best upcoming artists of the evolution of the future of music.  Famous engineer Eric Greedy, who has worked with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Destiny’s Child, Ringo Starr and Barbara Streisand, lends a hand as assistant producer and engineer on this EP.  Often referred to as the “Gothic Tori Amos,” Dianna has delved into writing songs that blend Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Lykki Li, Foster The People, and Madonna.

Versailles has attracted international interest via radio, film and live performances.  Versailles toured nationally, playing with artists including Ego Likeness, Voltaire, New Model Army, Chant, and Bella Morte. Versailles was most recently in the indie film "Black Room Doom," written by notorious psycho Svengali producer Kim Fowley, who has co-written/produced songs for Kiss, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, Helen Reddy, and the first all-female rock band, The Runaways.   Versailles is also featured on the score for upcoming UK production of Rob Hurtt’s “ Weir Inn Estate.”

Dianna St. Hilaire uses her programming skills, keyboard and vocal talents to write and produce her songs.  Versailles performed at this year’s Pink Parlour Festival and The Aids Circle of Life Walk, and is in the works of launching an international tour in celebration of releasing “Sacrifice,” starting with U.S. dates in 2012.

The songs are dark and ominous, yet fun and inviting--synthpop sounds with distinct melody lines and aggressive orchestrations.  Songs encompass a wide variety of subject matter, including love, vampires, war, the human soul, strength, and struggle.  Now bringing light into the ashes, and determined through music to guide the lonely and heartbroken out of the abyss.

Following the release of her first EP Believe in 2005 she has had 3 songs released on Cleopatra Records in 2005,2006 and 2007. Versailles is on A Gothic Acoustic Tribute To NIN, A Tribute to She Wants Revenge , Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before (Tribute to The Smiths), and Gothic Divas. Two of these songs were produced by Gregory Butler who has also produced Switchblade Symphony.

Versailles did the album Broken Dolls released in late 2008. This album holds 15 songs very dear to Versailles based around the emotional side of abuse in many different forms. Following this release is a book of short stories written by Versailles. These stories "Wendy's Razor Blades", "Fade", "Mars", "Broken Dolls", "Pages", and "Legion" all show a girls struggle through different types of abuse and destruction.