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This CD Was released in October of 2012.  Only to have Kim Fowley take the CD down.  He is so immature it is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever had to deal with.  Hope your watching KF!


Had a great time at Lenora Claire's Gloryhole event last Thursday night. Check out this track by Krystal Dee Thomas, and see all the cast of Black Room Doom & Golden Road To Nowhere and our guests, including Kim Fowley,Clare Noizee, Dianna Saint-Hilaire aka Versailles, Brianna Garcia, Cliff Retallick, Marie Ilene, Francis D Gonzalez &Severa Miles, & Candace.

Our movie Black RoomDoom won an award "Special Jury Prize", at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival today for "Black RoomDoom" Starring Dianna Saint-Hilaire, Wendy Jacobson, Bunny Fontaine, Kim Fowley, Giddle Partridge,Severa Miles, Nicole Rouge. Edited by Marie Ilene!