• Versailles Targets CD
  • Versailles New CD Pages
  • Versailles new Photoshoot
  • Versailles New CD
  • Versailles New Music Video
  • Versailles New CD


  • Pages CD
    The New CD Pages
    Includes Cold, Don't Walk Away,
    Sacrifice & Massacre

  • Sacrifice CD
    Includes Sacrifice, Game,
    Take My Life and One With Me

  • Wendy's Razorblades CD
    The New Wendy's Razorblade CD
    available now on Itunes includes the
    new song Masquerade. Download it now!

  • Versailles first EP Believe
    This includes a remix of Believe (Electric Dead Tree Mix also the b-side Lamentations only available on this EP.

  • Versailles Broken Dolls CD
    Available now through Paypal.
    This features songs like
    Wendys Razorblades and Run Away.

  • Versailles Debut CD
    Live Your Life
    Has songs like Fallen Angel,
    Cemetery Man and Little Dead Kitten

  • Versailles Kiss CD
    A 3 song Single for Kiss
    includes Segemented and Unhappiness.

  • Handmade Death Bears
    These are Versailles Handmade Death Bears.
    Made from the skins of Care Bears
    these bears are one of a kind.
    Sewn in a most peculiar manner.

  • Heart Bear
    Versailles little red Heart Bear

  • Frankin Bear
    Versailles Frankin Bear! Noose included!

  • Night Bear
    Night Bear loves
    the dark. Keep him
    with you at night.

  • Halloween Bear
    Loves pumpkin patches where
    she can blend in to the background
    and attack trespassers at a moments notice.

  • Shocking Bear
    Remains the outcast of all other bears
    because she is always giving
    thier hiding places away.

  • Purble Bear
    And yes we mean Purble.
    The royal bear who has been strung up in the
    gallows for bad behaviour.

  • Blood Bear
    Blood Bear constantly remains in a bloody state.
    Needs your warmth to heal her wounds.

  • Asphyxiation Bear
    Suffocated whilst sleeping
    in the night due to Sleep Apnea

  • Angel Bear
    Angel Bear is one of a kind
    and healer to all other bears.


  • Womens 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
    Black and Grey 3/4 sleeve
    cotton shirt. Great for fall or
    winter with black Versailles Logo!

  • Mens/ Womens T-shirt
    Also comes in Large Childs
    size for that babydoll fit.
    Black cotton t-shirt with grey Versailles Logo

  • Womens Tank Top in Black
    Cotton Womens Tank top
    Black with grey Logo!



  • Versailles 1 inch Buttons
    Come in orders of 3.
    Black button with purple Versailles Logo

  • Patches
    Put them on everything.
    Black patch with grey Versailles logo

  • Stickers
    Versailles black vinyl stickers.
    These won't rub off and
    are UV coated. Car safe and waterproof.