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Eric Charles is a magical photographer. Thank you so much for grabbing this moment in time with the gorgeous Candace, Noizee Noize, Severa Miles and my father Kim Fowley. :)


Kim Fowley is mentioned in Angie Bowie's Nu Book, "Lipstick Legends". Kim Fowley & Dianna Saint-Hilaire akaVersailles, also appear in the early footage of the Angela Bowie Documentary, filmed in the legendary Tennessee Williams' WEHO Apartment. Now occupied by Roy Rogers Oldenkamp. http://purple.fr/diary/entry/angie-bowie-signing-her-new-book-lip-stick-legends-when-the-boys-become-girls-at-the-cat-fiddle-hollywood


Versailles aka Dianna Saint-Hilaire is my latest album production. She has a Radio Voice. She replaces Tori Amos & Kate Bush in the 21st Century...because she is NOT strictly singer/songwriter. Versailles sings about the Shadows/Sin...all the Nu Sensations. Available soon on iTunes. Versailles will be part of my Crazy Contingent attending Lenora Claire's Gloryhole: The Pleasure Chest Uncut. She will be escorted by her main man Francis D Gonzalez. Beware horny men & drunk lesbians=Francis does NOT share! Photo by Marco Patino, Makeup & hair byErika Diehl & layout by Severa Miles, recorded, mixed & engineered by Mike Wolf @ Studio 5109 Productions.




Pic by Christopher Alvarez-Hkns from last nights GloryHole Event put on by Lenora Claire. Versailles with Clare Noizee, We rocked that place. Where were YOU?...



Dianna Saint-Hilaire aka Versailles loves this beautiful photo by Marilynn Hendrie the 21st Century Julia Margaret Cameron. Thank you for capturing this sweet compassionate moment between me & Francis D Gonzalez. On Thursday Sept. 13th we will be attending Gloryhole: The Pleasure Chest Uncut with Kim Fowley & Wendy Jacobson aka The Fabulous Miss Wendy, and other members of Black RoomDoom. The event is hosted by Lenora Claire. Stay tuned!