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"Pages is now available on CD Baby! Soon to be on all other retail locations soon! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/versailles4


Versailles New CD "PAGES"


This amazing untouched photo was shot by Marco Patino. Make Up by Erika Diehl. Come join us all on October 2nd Kitty Kitty Bang Bang for the Versailles CD release party for "Pages". Featuring Native Fauna, Natasha Chaney, & Ming Vauze.


Versailles New Photoshoot


Okay, So to let everyone know, Versailles is now cancer free :). Got my results yesterday. Till next time! Also the new CD Pages is about to be released. CD release party in October at a currently undisclosed location. Stay tuned!

The Angie Bowie Documentary has begun filming in West Hollywood. In the middle of 100 Degree Plus Weather, the WEHO apt. of the late Tennessee Williams...served as a location, for Kim Fowley & Dianna Saint-Hilaire's acting/musical contributions to Angie's movie. Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, was Producer/Director today. 3 songs were co-written/performed by KF & DS. KF has known Angie since 1972, & ex-husband David Bowie (Official) since 1969. Angie & KF appear in Dollboy The Movie together. Dianna St. Hilaire & KF appear in Black RoomDoom. T-shirt courtesy of Snow Mercy.Versailles with Kim Fowley

Here we come to the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, both Black Room Doom & Golden Road To Nowhere are being premiered there! Black Room Doom features Versailles, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, Noizee Noize, Giddle Partridge, Nicole Rouge, & Snow Mercy as an all girl band.  For more information go to http://muff.com.au