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Versailles will be doing a cover of "Eddie" From the Rocky Horror Picture Show for a new compilation CD by Darkest Jack Ritchie . In case you are not familiar with this song...here is this lovely song!
Versailles is releasing a CD called Pages which will be a digital release this month. This will be followed by an amazing CD release party in late Sept., Early Oct. here in Los Angeles. Some tracks you can expect on this CD are Pages as y
ou may have guessed, Massacre, Don't Walk Away (Never Released), Cold (New Release), & Sacrifice. This album features the best of Versailles last 3 releases with a few new songs as well. Here is a live version of the song "FADE" featured on this new CD, from 2008 on the The Darkest Hours TV SHOW hosted by Jack Ritchie.
Versailles is proud to announce that she is in a brand new film by Kim Fowley. This film is called Black RoomDoom. Twisted cult classic also featuring Giddle Partridge, Clare Noizee, Snow Mercy, Wendy Jacobson, Bunny Fontaine, & many others! Also Versailles is putting out a new CD later this year co-written & produced by Kim Fowley!Also this is going to premiere at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in the end of August here is the link. http://www.muff.com.au/

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