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Versailles is currently working with Al Gomez (Big Noise) for A&R & PR.  Please check out the Versailles Big Noise Page here!



Versailles in the studio this week with Kim Fowley working on new songs for "Black Room Doom"


Versailles new music video premieres tomorrow on Facebook and Youtube. This is the new Broken Dolls music video.   Filmed and Directed by Darkest Jack of the Darkest Hours radio show and TV show.

Check it out here.




Hey guys so we are playing a show on April 3rd at Skinnys Lounge.  Here is the write up about the show!

Doors open at 8PM on April 3rd

Skinnys Lounge is at  4923 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

The cover is 5 dollars and is 21+

This is quite an amazing line up.

8:15-Peter Sean Maloney
9:00-Peeling Grey
10:00-Kim Fowley & Snow Mercy
12:00-Native Fauna
... DJ Ming Vauze
Darkest Jack will be doing a screening of the new Versailles music video for "Broken Dolls".

An evening of pleasantries to devour your heart and make you inevitably loose your mind. The night begins with up close and heart penetrating dream pop inspired vocals and guitar by Peter Sean Maloney. Peter is a multitalented singer/songwriter playing a variety of instruments including violin, mandolin and viola. Following Peter is the dark influence of Peeling Grey, who is a captivating force on stage with driving bass lines carried by Andy Smith’s melodic Post Punk crooning reminiscent of Echo & The Bunnymen. Versailles the ringleader of this event and caretaker of human souls, will be leading the rest of the night into the shattered remains of leftover human sacrifice, with what some have described as an “intoxicating, dark synth, sexual-based, gloomy yet erotic adventure. Versailles is often referred to as “The Gothic Tori Amos” and writes Darkwave & Synth-pop inspired music that blends artists like Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, & Lykke Li.

During this evening of disturbing events Versailles will take a moment to blend dark intricate piano parts with her producer and this evenings host the Notorious Psycho Svengali Kim Fowley. Kim Fowley in addition to producing one of the worlds most renown female bands The Runaways has also written songs for films such as American Graffiti & Rock n’ Rolla. He will be following this evening with a tour of Europe on the “Wizard of Rock/Mad House EU Tour 2012. Kim Fowley was also featured in the new movie “Sunset Strip” also featuring Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp & Slash.

Reclaiming rare and forgotten items and technologies long buried in pawn shops and pyramids, Native Fauna’s sound is a fearless flight through all the ages. An odyssey from the earth ceremonies of our ancients through the cosmic basement Kraut DISCOtheque and into the hyper-mutations of the five minute future. Twisting around in the twilight you will see a 6 foot raven-haired, porcelain skinned dominatrix doll of delights leading the forces of the Black Room Doom girls, creating a feeding frenzy of maddening lust & pleasure. Her name is Snow Mercy and she is a true force of nature! Aggrandizing the atmosphere of this event is DJ Ming Vauze of Sleepmask electrifying the night with sounds of Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Post-Punk.

See you there!